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Why a Tribute

A FREE tribute on would:

*Create a permanent living memory in honor of all your loved ones who have passed away.

A permanent memorial would be an invaluable source of knowledge about the deceased for the future generations.

*Upload scanned copies of certificates, medals, patents, newspaper articles, old letters, old love notes, paintings, poems, favorite songs and videos, book covers belonging to the deceased – as a permanent archive – All for free.

*We will provide you with everything needed to create a memorable tribute free.

*You can upload pictures, videos, sound bites of the deceased.

Your friends and relatives can view the tribute and leave comments from around the world.
(Anyone can view a tribute but registration required to leave comments)

Private tributes (invitation only - password protected) available free of charge.

Simple free registration lets you immediately start creating the tribute.

*Create a tribute for Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Police, Coast Guards & more. Click here for details:

*Create a non-denominational tribute in general area or specific religious tribute in our exclusive Christian , Muslim , Jewish , or Buddhist sections.

*Create a tribute for your beloved pet that has passed away; cat, dog, rabbit, turtle, fish, hamster, horse etc. in our pet tribute section.

Compare prizes and shop for lowest prices in your area for flowers, cremation services, caskets, cemetery plots, funeral services etc.

*If you prefer, let us create a custom memorable tribute for your loved one within 24 hours. Packages start from just $100. Click here for details:

*Your Suggestion could be worth $100, if we use it. Click here for details:

*Step-by-Step tutorial is available to help you create a memorable tribute. Click here:

*Registration Required.